Aninix Status

Up and running

16th of December, 2022

✅ Lottie export working properly

Fixed in version 2.23.7

⚠️ Lottie export problem

In version 2.23.6, exporting Lottie with a transparent background caused some visual problems. A fix will be available today in a few hours.

19th of September, 2022

✅ Autosave working properly

In version 2.20.3 and newer issue is fixed.

⚠️ Autosave problem

In version 2.20.2, some users have encountered an issue where saving data does not work. We are currently working on this problem.

22th of July, 2022

✅ We rolled back the masking engine to the previous version

It will take longer to fix this fundamentally. But we are still working on it and plan to release a new release in the near future.

⚠️ Poor mask and blur rendering performance

In version 2.17.3 we got a regression in the performance of mask and blur rendering. We are working on fix and plan to release a new version early next week.

28th of June, 2022

✅ Lottie exporting issue resolved

Everything was resolved and lottie export should work just fine.

⚠️ Lottie exporting issue

We have some problems with the Lottie format, and it may be exported with some problems and visual errors. This cannot be fixed on your end, but we will fix and update the plugin in less than 24 hours.

17th of June, 2022

✅ Files downloading issue resolved

If you would have this problem just restart Figma App.

⚠️ Files downloading issue

File rendered but don't start to download in Figma App. We investigating into a problem and will resolve it soon. Quick fix: Run plugin in the Google Chrome browser and export from here.