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Figma login required

Animation, plus

All basic animation features

Unlimited editable projects

Unlimited export in any modern format (.mp4, .gif, .webm, .lottie)

3 projects per Figma file

1 link to animation specs




$8 /month when billed annually

Everything in Free plus

Unlimited projects per Figma file

Unlimited links to animation specs

Permanent links to .lottie files

Pro presets

Priority support



per user/month

$8 per user/month when billed annually

Everything in PRO plus

Bulk licensing and invoicing

Compare plans

Released features




All basic animation features

Library of animation presets



Unlimited export in any modern format (.mp4, .webm, .gif, .lottie)

Projects per Figma file



Permanent link to animated project so you can share it with developers.

Animation specs


Insert provided link to your documentation system (confluence, notion etc) and Aninix will embed inspector directly to it.

Embeded animation specs

Local curve styles

Work together with teammates on the same animation.

Editable projects

Define and export multiple formats at once.

Export queue

Very soon

Features in development




Export to animated SVG

Auto-layout animation

All published projects in one common space.

Team dashboard

Select a prototype entry point, import it, customize it whenever you want, and export it to mp4 or other formats.

Import of Figma prototypes


Features on roadmap




Project variants



Local duration styles

Aninix will help you to improve animations by small tips on your duration and timing graphs.


Minimize plugin window 
while the export is going.

Export in a background

Select any number of frames in Figma with connected animations and export them all at once.

Batch export

Move export process from your computer to our servers.

Export in a cloud

Project history

Remote team-wide curve styles

Remote team-wide duration styles


Can I use Aninix for free?

Sure! Our Free Plan is completely free.

Do you have monthly and yearly billing options?

Yes we have. Our monthly plan cost $10 per month and yearly plan cost $8 per month so you save $24 with annual billing.

What happens when I cancel subscription?

You will be able to use Pro features until your payment period ends. For example if you pay on 5th of January for a month and cancel immediately then you will have Pro features until 5th of February.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Open the Aninix plugin in Figma. Then login into your account (at the right top corner) and then you will be able to manage your subscriptions.

What happens if my payment fails? Like if my credit card expires?

You will have 7 days grace period after your payment fail.

How can I change my payment method?

Open the Aninix plugin in Figma. Then login into your account (at the right top corner) and then you will be able to manage all your subscriptions and payment methods.

How is my payment being processed?

We are using Stripe so all of payments processed by their system. You can learn more in their Terms and Conditions.