Aninix Releases

Start powerful interface animations right in your Figma projects.


September 28, 2022


• logic behind "copy as position keyframes" function;
• inputs on timeline. Now they mimic logic from properties panel.


• issue when plugin crashed when selected root frame with animation;
• issue which triggered paste of all keyframes on one layer;
• issue when copy of inspector links was not worked;
• issue when keyframes cannot be drag'n'droped in viewport;
• lottie issue when layer not rendering when only one keyframe exists on property.


• Performance when lots of images used.


September 20, 2022


• issue when animation data not saving.


September 19, 2022


• issue with flickering of viewport on big zoom levels;
• issue with lottie masks on mobile devices;
• issue when data not saved on instance layers.


• loading speed a bit.


September 12, 2022

What's new

Dark mode
We don't use it often, but you do. So enjoy the darkness.

Copy vector path as position keyframes
This allows you to animate objects along any trajectory.Brand new presets flowWe reimagined how presets should work.


• separated graph presets in two independent categories: timing curve and spring curve;
• added new graph presets: aninix' special and iOS Dynamic Island;
• added support of images as masks to lottie.


• overall layout and UX.


• issue with line corners when animating trim path;
• issue when parent opacity not applied when exporting to lottie;
• issue with group opacity in lottie;
• issue when colors flickering when exporting to gifs;
• issue which forced plugin to crash when selecting groups;
• issue which forced plugin to crash when set size to 0;
• issue which forced plugin to crash when line has 0 size;
• issue when speed on spatial path not linear.


• loading speed a bit.


August 25, 2022

What's new

• Support of Anchor point in Size animations.


• Logic behind smart animate;
• Logic behind group of segments;
• Logic behind color popup.


• Trim path animation when exporting to Lottie files;
• Issue when inputs on the timeline not react to user events;
• Quality of background blur.


August 14, 2022


• Undo/redo stability;
• Issue which triggered caching to working wrong.


August 13, 2022

What's new

• Auto-scroll of timeline when any layer selected.


• Anchor point logic.


• Gradients synchronization;
• Lottie size exports;
• Issue when plugin crashed on wrong input in timing curve text values;
• Issue which drag'n'drop event on group of segments;
• Issue when changing values on timeline doesn't trigger undo group.


August 11, 2022

What's new

• Notification with status of current plugin jobs.


• Project loading changed to progressive;
• Undo/redo feature;
• Added hotkeys badge to position, rotation, opacity and scale properties;
• Blur quality.


• Critical issue causing the plugin to crash when calling undo/redo actions;
• Problem with layers disappearing on the timeline when dragging a selection;
• Disabled mask behaviour.


August 8, 2022


• New rendering engine;
• Removed additional icons when opening the plugin.


• Critical issue causing the plugin to crash when segment duration is set to 0;
• Issue with images loading.


July 30, 2022


• Rendering bounds by the preview range.


July 27, 2022


• Issue which forced plugin to crash on launch;
• Individual corner radius algorithm.


July 26, 2022

What's new

• Added hotkeys to move keyframes. Hold ⌘ and arrow keys to move keyframes by 1 time unit, hold ⇧ more to move by 10 time units.


• Temporary rollback of the mask engine to the previous version;
• Radial gradients for more accurate imports;
• Crash when changing roundness of individual corners and point values (size, scale, etc.);
• Roundness limits of individual corners;
• Timeline icon for the star layer;
• Now groups opacity blending together when exporting to lottie.


• Rendering performance.


July 21, 2022


• masks, now they work similar to Figma's masks;
• background blurs.


July 20, 2022


• creation of inner shadow inside the plugin;
• issue when plugin crashed after some manipulation with inputs in properties panel;
• opacity in groups and frames in lottie.


July 19, 2022

🔥 What's new

Background blur and Inner shadow
Added full support of background blurs and inner shadows.

Brand new animation specs
We've added a lot of new supported features to make it easier to work with for developers.

Individual corner radius

Reverse path when trim path applied


• added status when importing large frames;
• the flow of publishing animation specifications;


• issue with lottie file that caused android renderer to crash;
• radial gradients;
• paste event when multiple keyframes are selected;
• some cases where the fit duration does not work.


• layer blur;
• plugin startup speed;
• corner smoothing algorithm.


July 11, 2022

🔥 What's new

Blending modes
Yep, that's it. Now we have full support of blending modes.


• copy-paste logic;
• arc values in properties panel. They are now separated;
• pressing Cmd + Enter on a selected layer with keyframes selects all keyframes in the current layer;
• now if you set a longer time in the time indicator the project duration increases.


• issue with segments offset;
• synchronization with Figma of collapsed/expanded layers, background color and effects visibility;
• nested frame import coordinates;
• lottie dash, line cap/join and gradients;
• an issue where inputs were not getting a "blur" event when clicked from outside.


• plugin launch time;
• plugin playback in heavy projects.

Breaking changes

• temporarily we disabled the collaborative feature because no one uses it. So we decided to rethink this flow.For now users are allowed to open and edit the same projects, but data saving will happen when the last user closes the plugin. No synchronization in progress. We apologize for the inconvenience.We think this feature will return in the next month or so.


July 6, 2022

🔥 What's new

New lottie engine
Lottie get big update. Now it supports frame size animation, springs, trim paths and dashes.

Trim path presets
Handy way to apply create trim path animation


• improved: design of ghost slider;
• improved: now all keyframes have non-linear graph;
• improved: layout of presets;
• fixed: saving and opening of gradients;
• fixed: issue with viewport selection in big projects;
• minor UX improvements.


June 30, 2022

🔥 What's new

Trim path
Whole new world of possibilities are open from now.

Animated colors for animation specs
Now developers can see how colors are animated. It's restricted only for Solid colors but we are working to bring gradients to it too.

Export queue
Setup bunch of presets and export them in a one click.

Quick layer selection
Use "Enter" and "⇧Enter" to selected children/parent layers. Like in Figma.

Copy-paste of keyframes between layers


• new: an experimental feature with a ghost time slider on the timeline. Its purpose is to help you navigate between segments and keyframes;
• improved: the size of the playback buttons has been increased;
• improved: the size of the timeline resizing handlers has been reduced. Sometimes the user would click the button and resize the timeline instead of moving the keyframes and time slider;
• improved: renderer optimized;
• improved: viewport layer selections and highlighting of selected layers;
• improved: exporting states and user feedback. Now it's more clear what's going on;
• improved: UX when opening projects;
• fixed: lottie paths and improved lottie rendering in general;
• fixed: lock axis when holding shift;
• fixed: other minor issues.


June 21, 2022

🔥 What's new

Dash animation
Self explanatory.

Curve styles shared on Figma file
Curve styles are now stored in the current Figma file, so they can be used in different projects.

New properties panel layout
We have created new properties panel layout and show only animated properties on the timeline


• new: you can now create keyframes by double-clicking on a property on the timeline;
• improved: rendering of complex shapes now works perfectly;
• improved: support for instances when importing nested projects;
• improved: projects save one more time just before exporting;
• improved: UX when applying spatial interpolation on keyframes (hold cmd/ctrl and hover keyframe in viewport);
• improved: generation of vector shapes;
• fixed: issue with layer alignment causing undo action for each layer;
• fixed: problem with curves breaking backwards.


June 14, 2022

🔥 What's new

Spring animation
Spring animation opens up a new world of possibilities for your animation. We can't wait to see what you can create with it.

Curve styles
On the other hand, we've added curve styles that allow you to connect one graph to multiple segments and optimize workflow on larger projects.

You've asked for it many times, and we've been working on it for a long time! And now we are very happy to introduce: Support of masks in Aninix! You can now implement almost any effect in our plugin.

Arcs are everywhere, and they allow you to create powerful loaders and dashboard animations. We have implemented full support for this feature in Figma.

Trim layer
We've have reimagine how trim layers should work and move away from AE's logic.


• improved: projects autosave logic;
• improved: logic behind project duration updates;
• fixed: issue when gradients doesn't show on root frame;
• fixed: issue when root frame interact with drag'n'drop event;
• fixed: position of layers when open nested frames;
• fixed: visible range slider on timeline;
• fixed: images visibility after layers sync.


May 30, 2022


• fixed: issue when plugin didn't resize vertically in some cases;
• fixed: odd scale rounding values.


May 27, 2022

🔥 What's new

Layout resize
Now it's possible to resize timeline like in all apps.

Single entry point
We've rebuilt the whole opening project flow. Now it's again starts from single point and we think it would be more clear to work with.

Aninix badges near frames
Now all projects are marked by badge when you launch plugin. So it's easier to navigate.


• improved: viewport selection now works faster and more precisely;
• improved: layers synchronization between Figma and Aninix;
• fixed: line support when rendering to lottie.


May 15, 2022

🔥 What's new

Export remaining time
Now Aninix shows remaning time for export.

Slides and utilities presets
Slides, pulse, bounce and spin presets.


• improved: animation inspector optimization;
• improved: UX of groups of segments. Now it's possible to select layers if press ctrl/cmd button. It has similar behavior as viewport;
• improved: graph editor UI;
• added: graph editor resizes automatically to fit whole graph;
• added: paste graph button;
• added: layers alignment outside of parent frame. Select layer(s) press alt and you would see new icons at the right top corner;
• added: segments alignment by time;
• fixed: unexpected time slider jumps;
• fixed: issue when timeline values cached and cannot be changed.


May 12, 2022

🔥 What's new

Quick presets
Now it's possible to create cool animations in a one click. Literally.

Basic support of effects
Added support of animated drop shadows and layer blurs.

More presets which we called "Effects"
Yes, yes, we know this is odd. But we didn't come up with a better name.

New sync logic
Now it has superpowers! More info will be available on our youtube channel.


• added: multiple selection of groups of segments;
• added: support of pinch gesture on touchpads;
• improved: UI of time slider;
• improved: working speed of timeline inputs;
• improved: overall timeline optimizations;
• improved: properties panel layout;
• fixed: global opacity in gradients properly rendered;
• fixed: now selecting of layers with shift + click keep correct selection order;
• fixed: previous and next keyframes navigation now always hit keyframes correctly;
• fixed: lottie export now working properly with clips content property;
• fixed: issue which broke undo-redo history unexpectedly.


April 19, 2022

🔥 What's new

New export engine
We invested a lot of time in the new export engine. It's working faster and more stable.

Group of segments
With groups of segments we've unlocked more handy way to manage keyframes and tweak animations.

New properties panel layout
We are testing new layout of our properties panel.


• added: support of clip contents of frames to lottie files;
• fixed: issue when lottie files not playing on android devices;
• fixed: issue when animation inspector project duration was shrinked down to animation duration;
• improved: overall plugin optimization;
• improved: UX of the start and duration of segments. Now it's showing actual start and duration of selected segments, not individual.


April 7, 2022

🔥 What's new

Pro presets
Added pro presets for more handy usage.


• improved: all nodes highlights as it' own color;
• improved: plugin overall optimization;
• fixed: lock property import;
• fixed: replaced play icon on frames;
• fixed: order of layer when selecting in viewport;
• fixed: root node can be selected in viewport;
• fixed: inputs in properties panel change value only when Enter press;
• fixed: issue when playback in viewport has not stable fps;
• fixed: issue which prevent lottie files to play on mobile renderers;
• fixed: sometimes free projects limit modal blocked paid users.


March 28, 2022


• fixed: layout issues;
• fixed: opening project flow issues;
• fixed: small visual issues;
• improved: plugin stability.


March 26, 2022

🔥 What's new

Animation presets
Speed up your creative and exploration process with handy presets.

Keyframe snapping
Hold shift when you drag'n'drop keyframes or time slider to snap to closest keyframes.

Minimized state
Now it's possible to minimize plugin to change layout in Figma and then sync states between plugin and Figma.


• added: move layers by 10px when hold shift and press arrows;
• added: detailed export statuses;
• added: emoji to frames where Aninix's project included;
• fixed: now all time settings synchronise between all fields;
• fixed: plugin crash when undo command ran;
• fixed: anchor point issues;
• fixed: NaN in lockable point fields;
• fixed: layers selection order in viewport;
• fixed: nodes sync no longer break created keyframes.


February 14, 2022

🔥 What's new

Now it's possible to work together on the same project at the same time.

Lottie Files export
Export lottie files directly from plugin.

Permanent links to lottie files
You can share permanent links to lottie files with developer and take control when you want to update the version without any further effort from the developer's side.


• fixed: rare issue with renderer on some machines and systems;
• added: authentication and advanced security.


January 20, 2022

🔥 What's new

Viewport visual selection
Now it's visually show on which layer you hovering and which layer you will select on click.

Transparency GIFs support
Disable or remove background on root frame and export GIF. Transparent background will be applied.


• improved: speed of work of the whole plugin and inspector;
• improved: speed of exporting and rendering;
• improved: stability of the plugin and renderer itself;
• fixed: issue when copy-paste of keyframes place them on top of each other;
• fixed: typo with wrong timing preset name;
• fixed: placement of color picker in properties panel.


January 12, 2022


• we keep working further on improving renderer process. And it's getting better and better;
• fixed: order of layers on timeline in animation inspector;
• fixed: issue with hotkeys when they accidentally stop working.


January 7, 2022

🔥 What's new

New opening project flow
We've separated "new project", "open project" and "create transition" commands. So now it's more user-friendly to work with.

All frames can be used as target for Aninix
Previously we supported only root frames but currently we support all frames. For example you can create independent animation of buttons inside page.


December 28, 2021

🔥 What's new

Web based animation inspector sharable by link
Share animation with developers by copy-paste links.

Frame sync
Synchronise your animations with changes of design in Figma.


• added: boolean operation node;
• improved: workflow of corner radius;
• improved: renderer;
• fixed: cmd/ctrl/shift key presses.


December 12, 2021


• Improved performance of vector layers optimization;
• fixed: issue when selected text crash plugin;
• fixed: issue when selected line crash plugin.


December 8, 2021

🔥 What's new

Offset module
Now it's possible to align segments and keyframes by provided offset.

Keyframes module in properties panel
We've added possibility to work with keyframes from side panel. We think it should make workflow more convenient and intuitive.

Static gradients support
Linear and radial gradients are now supported.

P, R, O, S hotkeys
P – Position;
R – Rotation;
S – Scale;
O – Opacity.


• fixed: issue when big corner radius distort layers;
• fixed: issue when auto transition applied in unexpected order;
• fixed: added back support of stroke cap and stroke join;
• fixed: issue when hotkeys not working as expected;
• fixed: issue when locked layers in viewport blocked selection of other layers;
• fixed: addition of keyframes to only one layer. Now keyframes adding to all selected layers;
• improved: UX of keyframes and segments selection on timeline;
• improved: UX of animation inspector.


November 21, 2021

🔥 What's new

⚡️ Added auto transitions
Auto transition working in the same way as Smart Animate in Figma. Just select multiple frames before import them into project.

Added copy paste segments and keyframes
Currently it works only in context of one layer. So if you select and copy keyframe on one layer then you can paste keyframe on the same layer.

Added multiple selection on timeline
Now with drag and drop on timeline you can select multiple keyframes.

Added support of all image types
You can import Fill, Fit, Crop and Tile image types.


• fixed: issue when copied frame in Figma linked to the same project in Aninix;
• fixed: letter spacing in font layers;
• fixed: issue when timeline dissaper on hotkeys zoom-in and zoom-out;
• fixed: issue when corner radius in big values morph shapes too much;
• fixed: issue when images not appear in exports;
• improved: plugin speed. We've rebuild undo/redo algorithm;
• and more minor bugs fixed.


November 14, 2021

🔥 What's new

Added helper module
Now you can quickly navigate to important links

Added support of Component and Component Set nodes

Added feature to remove layers
Now you able to remove layers by selecting them and pressing «Delete» button on Win or «Backspace» button on Mac

Added feature to show animated properties with its layers
Just press U on your keyboard to reveal all animated properties with layers


• fixed: issue when max number doesn't apply to corner radius on rectangles which cause weird shapes;
• fixed: auto drag'n'drop event on layers when user drag'n'drop spatial path tangents;
• fixed: apply of no-mirroring value on spatial paths;
• fixed: now spatial path preview (selected state of layers) appear on top of everything;
• fixed: issue when spatial path animation applied in unexpected behaviour.


November 9, 2021


• fixed: image hash import;
• fixed: now timeline updates on each change;
• fixed: issues when importing huge frames;
• fixed: long layer names now properly display on timeline;
• fixed: timeline initial view.


November 3, 2021

🔥 What's new

Added menu
Added handy actions to menu.

Added more animation graphs


• Improved interactions with viewport;
• Stabilized undo/redo functionality;
• Fixed import of groups;
• Fixed issue with updating of export presets.


October 30, 2021

🔥 What's new

New Inspector
We have rethink Inspector and fully rebuild it.

New data model
New mathematical model allows to render more layers and work faster

Added mixed values to all fields
It allows to edit multiple layers, segments and keyframes

Added keyframes snapping
Hold shift when dragging keyframes to snap it to closer keyframes by time


• Added support of B/N to align preview range;
• Removed labels from properties panel;
• Fixed value on cycles when rotation negative;
• Added support of overshoot animation in graphs.


September 15, 2021

🔥 What's new

Layers Alignment
Added feature to align layers. Currently we are not supporting multiple layers selection so this feature are working only relative to it's parents :) But we will add support of multiple selected layers in future as well.

Added pluggable system and updated underlying architecture
This change do nothing on your side but this is a huge step from engine perspective for developers team. But this significantly improve render performance while you are working with plugin.


• Fix bug when numeric inputs cached previous value;
• Update font size in properties panel to fit Figma's UI;
• Hide segment if 2 keyframes are equal;
• Add success indicator when timing curve copied;
• Added inverting of zoom and scroll so now they are supporting settings of your OS;
• Improve zoom behaviour in viewport.


August 24, 2021

🔥 What's new

GIF export
Now you can export gifs from Aninix for easier sharing on Dribbble or with your team.

Clip contents
Added support of clip contents for frames.

Line cap and Line join
Added full support of line cap and line join.

Inner/Center/Outer stroke support
Added full support of stroke position options.

Full anchor point support
Now you can change position of the anchor point to be able to rotate and scale layers from custom points.

Drop shadow
Added drop shadow support. Currently we are not supporting animating of drop shadow. But we plan to add it in the next release.


• Prevent deselect of layers when changing time on timeline;
• Fix axis snapping in viewport when hold shift while moving layers;
• Fix zoom behaviour when layers selected;
• Disable tangents in position by default.


August 9, 2021

🔥 What's new

Authorization and cloud storage for projects and settings
We launched our own API to handle your projects and settings in a safe place.

Animation inspector
Share animations with developers.

Figma integration
Native support of Figma layers.

Importing flow with hints
Simplified flow to import your designs to Aninix.

Color animations
Create and manage color animations on the timeline.


• Optimized rendering;
• Fixed issue when layer renaming haven't applied.


August 1, 2021

🔥 What's new

Support of basic layers, properties and effects
Layers: rectangle, ellipse, texts, frames, groups
Properties: fills, strokes, size, position, scale, rotation
Effects: inner shadow, drop shadow, layer blur

Basic timeline with core features. Also we’ve implemented a new concept of animated segments.

Layers solo
Make a layer visible in the viewport, on timeline or both.

Basic viewport with core features. Very similar to what Figma does.

Spatial paths
Visual way to edit layers trajectory.

Graph editor and presets library
Advanced graph editor with ability to build your own library of presets.

Export to mp4, and webm
Local render to modern formats. Blazing fast.