March 26, 2022

🔥 What's new

Animation presets
Speed up your creative and exploration process with handy presets.

Keyframe snapping
Hold shift when you drag'n'drop keyframes or time slider to snap to closest keyframes.

Minimized state
Now it's possible to minimize plugin to change layout in Figma and then sync states between plugin and Figma.


• added: move layers by 10px when hold shift and press arrows;
• added: detailed export statuses;
• added: emoji to frames where Aninix's project included;
• fixed: now all time settings synchronise between all fields;
• fixed: plugin crash when undo command ran;
• fixed: anchor point issues;
• fixed: NaN in lockable point fields;
• fixed: layers selection order in viewport;
• fixed: nodes sync no longer break created keyframes.