July 11, 2022

🔥 What's new

Blending modes
Yep, that's it. Now we have full support of blending modes.


• copy-paste logic;
• arc values in properties panel. They are now separated;
• pressing Cmd + Enter on a selected layer with keyframes selects all keyframes in the current layer;
• now if you set a longer time in the time indicator the project duration increases.


• issue with segments offset;
• synchronization with Figma of collapsed/expanded layers, background color and effects visibility;
• nested frame import coordinates;
• lottie dash, line cap/join and gradients;
• an issue where inputs were not getting a "blur" event when clicked from outside.


• plugin launch time;
• plugin playback in heavy projects.

Breaking changes

• temporarily we disabled the collaborative feature because no one uses it. So we decided to rethink this flow.For now users are allowed to open and edit the same projects, but data saving will happen when the last user closes the plugin. No synchronization in progress. We apologize for the inconvenience.We think this feature will return in the next month or so.