June 14, 2022

🔥 What's new

Spring animation
Spring animation opens up a new world of possibilities for your animation. We can't wait to see what you can create with it.

Curve styles
On the other hand, we've added curve styles that allow you to connect one graph to multiple segments and optimize workflow on larger projects.

You've asked for it many times, and we've been working on it for a long time! And now we are very happy to introduce: Support of masks in Aninix! You can now implement almost any effect in our plugin.

Arcs are everywhere, and they allow you to create powerful loaders and dashboard animations. We have implemented full support for this feature in Figma.

Trim layer
We've have reimagine how trim layers should work and move away from AE's logic.


• improved: projects autosave logic;
• improved: logic behind project duration updates;
• fixed: issue when gradients doesn't show on root frame;
• fixed: issue when root frame interact with drag'n'drop event;
• fixed: position of layers when open nested frames;
• fixed: visible range slider on timeline;
• fixed: images visibility after layers sync.