September 12, 2022

What's new

Dark mode
We don't use it often, but you do. So enjoy the darkness.

Copy vector path as position keyframes
This allows you to animate objects along any trajectory.Brand new presets flowWe reimagined how presets should work.


• separated graph presets in two independent categories: timing curve and spring curve;
• added new graph presets: aninix' special and iOS Dynamic Island;
• added support of images as masks to lottie.


• overall layout and UX.


• issue with line corners when animating trim path;
• issue when parent opacity not applied when exporting to lottie;
• issue with group opacity in lottie;
• issue when colors flickering when exporting to gifs;
• issue which forced plugin to crash when selecting groups;
• issue which forced plugin to crash when set size to 0;
• issue which forced plugin to crash when line has 0 size;
• issue when speed on spatial path not linear.


• loading speed a bit.