May 12, 2022

🔥 What's new

Quick presets
Now it's possible to create cool animations in a one click. Literally.

Basic support of effects
Added support of animated drop shadows and layer blurs.

More presets which we called "Effects"
Yes, yes, we know this is odd. But we didn't come up with a better name.

New sync logic
Now it has superpowers! More info will be available on our youtube channel.


• added: multiple selection of groups of segments;
• added: support of pinch gesture on touchpads;
• improved: UI of time slider;
• improved: working speed of timeline inputs;
• improved: overall timeline optimizations;
• improved: properties panel layout;
• fixed: global opacity in gradients properly rendered;
• fixed: now selecting of layers with shift + click keep correct selection order;
• fixed: previous and next keyframes navigation now always hit keyframes correctly;
• fixed: lottie export now working properly with clips content property;
• fixed: issue which broke undo-redo history unexpectedly.