August 24, 2021

🔥 What's new

GIF export
Now you can export gifs from Aninix for easier sharing on Dribbble or with your team.

Clip contents
Added support of clip contents for frames.

Line cap and Line join
Added full support of line cap and line join.

Inner/Center/Outer stroke support
Added full support of stroke position options.

Full anchor point support
Now you can change position of the anchor point to be able to rotate and scale layers from custom points.

Drop shadow
Added drop shadow support. Currently we are not supporting animating of drop shadow. But we plan to add it in the next release.


• Prevent deselect of layers when changing time on timeline;
• Fix axis snapping in viewport when hold shift while moving layers;
• Fix zoom behaviour when layers selected;
• Disable tangents in position by default.