June 9, 2023

What's new

• support of squircles;
• support of independent borders;
• added "L" as hotkey to create a "line of keyframes".


• now login is required to edit projects;
• quick presets are moved to the bottom of the viewport.


• optimized and fixed export of animated paths in svg;
• improved UX of go-to-previous/next frame;
• added role-based action protection;
• suspended users are tinted now;
• optimized multiple layers selection;
• login screen.


• issue when multiple keyframes with identical IDs selected after sync;
• issue with animated trim path;
• disabled space selection in plugin;
• issue with transparent mp4 files;
• projects history overflow;
• issue when Lottie "canvas" renderer not working properly with files exported from Aninix;
• issue when vector layers were not updated properly after sync.