November 6, 2022


• keyframe selection on the timeline can now be invoked from layers;
• hold shift when changing a tangent in the graph editor to attach it horizontally or vertically;
• slightly improved rendering speed;
• updated material graph presets to comply with the new Material v3 rules;
• added skew to the inspector.


• an issue where the plugin was crashing when the time was changed by clicking;
• an issue where undoing broke groups of segments;
• problem where position animation was not applied to lines when applying presets;
• an issue where the plugin was crashing when keyframes were inserted;
• an issue where the root node was not selectable in the viewport;
• problem when a vector network or text is imported without paints if multiple paints are applied;
• problem when reversed path does not work in the lottie and inspector;
• problem when animation is not applied to exported SVGs;
• problem when the root node has decimal numbers in its size.