December 8, 2021

🔥 What's new

Offset module
Now it's possible to align segments and keyframes by provided offset.

Keyframes module in properties panel
We've added possibility to work with keyframes from side panel. We think it should make workflow more convenient and intuitive.

Static gradients support
Linear and radial gradients are now supported.

P, R, O, S hotkeys
P – Position;
R – Rotation;
S – Scale;
O – Opacity.


• fixed: issue when big corner radius distort layers;
• fixed: issue when auto transition applied in unexpected order;
• fixed: added back support of stroke cap and stroke join;
• fixed: issue when hotkeys not working as expected;
• fixed: issue when locked layers in viewport blocked selection of other layers;
• fixed: addition of keyframes to only one layer. Now keyframes adding to all selected layers;
• improved: UX of keyframes and segments selection on timeline;
• improved: UX of animation inspector.